September 28, 2006

When I stand before God. . .

When I stand before God, I will not be standing with my family, friends and fan club (trust me on this one, I’m 45 and fan-less).

I will stand before God alone.

There will be no husband extolling my virtues as wife and mother. There will be no children singing my praises – (well, there might not have been any in the first place, I have on occasion been accused of being the wicked witch of east, even though everyone knows she expired when Auntie Em’s house fell on her). My friends will not get the chance to excuse my weaknesses.

It will be the Lord and I.

I need to love and nurture my family. I need to treat others as I want to be treated. I need to live my life as a testimony to God’s very real gift of mercy and grace.

But more than all of that - I need to slow down and stop doing for God and spend some time with God - my mouth shut and my heart open.

It’s a wonderful way to get back in touch.

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