September 18, 2006

'Stem Cell Wars:' More of the Campaign of Confusion

I admit - I have not read the book yet. Only today did I see the press relase for Stem Cell Wars: Inside Stories from the Frontline, written by Eve Herold, director of public policy research at the Genetics Policy Institute. But I did order the book from there is a review coming from Flash Point.

The press release describes the book as providing a persuasive case for embryonic stem cell research. Any book endorsed by Ron Reagan I guess we should all run out and buy. Also, it "reveals numerous untold stories about the stem cell policy wars, including:"

....and this is where it gets interesting...

"-- What the anti-stem cell research activists don't want you to know: that embryonic stem cell research could go forward full steam ahead without there ever being another abortion."

I would love to know exactly what the auther means by this. Is this to suggest that the author is prolife? Or is she equating embryo destructive research with abortion? I can't figure it out from such little information, and from what is probably a terrible choice of words.

"-- How social-conservative organizations are turning the U.S. into a second-tier nation in scientific research."

Ah yes, unfettered science....that's how America stays at the techno-top. Being the Superpower of scientific research is apparently the higher value, over and above the treatment of research subjects, i.e. very small, defenseless people.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to read this book. Stay tuned!

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Check out the author interview