September 11, 2006

My Gut Reaction to the 9/11 Anniversary

My closest friends have a severe distaste for my use of puns, so let me get this one out of the way quickly.

My gut reaction to the high view of human life posited during this 5th year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist strike on U.S. soil is refreshing...yet inconsistent. Given that we live in a culture of death that regularly disregards the dignity of human life from it's earliest stage, and also in the womb, it's refreshing to see so many people care about the loss of human life. At the same time...America is complacent and needs an anniversary, a series of movies, a memorial service, to retain the memory of the horror that took so many lives. We wonder about this complacency whenever something disasterous occurs. And we rightly predict that it won't take long to move back into our zones of comfort.

The complacency and the disregard for human life go hand in hand. If nothing really matters...if there is no God, if there is no truth....if life begins only when someone chooses to give birth, then nothing else matters exept moving forward, or rather moving normalcy/complacency.

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clocklady said...

I whole heartedly agree that we as humans share a very short collective memory.
It's no wonder Christ instituted Communion as a much-needed reminder of His sacrifice for the human race.