September 21, 2006

Putting Devotion Back into Devotions

I was a church kid who spent a lot of time playing church. One thing in particular was unfathomable - personal devotions. It included reading the bible, something called meditation, and then praying. It was a task to be marked off every day. The bible reading was ok - there are some very cool stories in there. I usually ended up memorizing instead of meditating. And the praying thing - hmmmmm - it was either a shopping list or a sedative.

I came close to leaving the church altogether because people were lying through their teeth during testimony time OR it was too pickin' hard and I was not smart enough to get "it."

I finally met Jesus at a youth camp right before I went to college. My parents tried to convince me that this was nothing more than a re-commitment. But I knew it was the real thing. I wanted to read my Bible - all of it. I wanted to pray. I wanted to know God. I already knew a lot of stuff about Him. But I wanted to know Him. I am still getting to know Him.

I have used various methods over the years to keep my relationship with God fresh and growing. Sometimes it has been exceedingly difficult to find help and encouragement.

Earlier this year I took a new position a different non-profit organization. The new job "stupidity factor" was high. My husband took a senior pastorate at a cool church 10 months ago and so I am still in the newbie stage there as well. My two oldest daughters both got engaged and are getting married next summer (yes, that means two weddings 6 weeks apart). I needed a new approach to my devotions because I found myself very needy - and I found my devotions very desparate and stale.

I found The Fellowship of St. James and their Daily Devotional Guide. I highly recommend it. There are morning and evening devotions with versicle and then a daily chapter to be read "whenever" - it sounds tiresome - but it is anything but that. But don't take my word for it - check it out - and then let me know what you think.

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