November 10, 2006

2006 'Engaging Women' Awards

A graduate of TEDS, a contributor at blog, a spokesperson on behalf of human dignity, a consultant on women's issues at CBHD, an educator in theology and can feel lonely as a woman in this world - but it just so happens I lack all emotion.

Engaging and cultivating culture is not man's work, though I think most women believe this to be the case. There are few women working within the marketplace of ideas, representing a solid Christian worldview without compromise or shame. It's no wonder it has always felt like a man's world. I'm ok with that though. What I'm not ok with is the sentimentality among women in the church who live within their eschatology in such a way that they forget that they were created to truly live in this world.

Engaging ideas is a first step toward the tranformation of lives. I'm thankful for the women I know who haven't caved to the event-driven subculture of women's ministry, but are out there making a difference in authentic ways. They've captivated my attention and we need to develop more of them in and for the next generation. Though not an exhaustive list, the following are honored by Flash Point for their service and commitment to the causes they work so hard to fight. We honor every woman who has stepped up to this service.

Bonnie - from Intellectuelle
Jill Briscoe - Elmbrook Church
Paige Cunningham - she's everywhere....CBHD, TIU, AUL, Wheaton College
Carrie Gordon Earll - Focus on the Family

Carolyn Custis James - author; Whitby Forum
Frederica Mathewes-Green - Author,

Julie Grisolano - The Fellowship of St. James; Salvo Magazine
Amy Laura Hall - Duke
Jennifer Lahl - The CBC
Nancy Pearcey - Total Truth; The Pearcey Report
Sandy Rios - Culture Campaign
Dorothy Sayers - she may no longer be alive, but her words transcend time
Jill Stanek - Right to Life, Will Co., IL
Joni Erickson Tada - Joni & Friends
Agnieszka Tennant - Christianity Today.....and off to other things
Wendy Wright - CWA
Charmaine Yoest - FRC (Joe Carter's boss!!); Reasoned Audacity

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Jennifer Lahl said...

wow. i just saw that I one a major award! i am humbled....