November 4, 2006

In One Day: Haggard Down, Jefferts-Schori Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church

Katharine Jefferts Schori took office Saturday as the first woman presiding bishop of The Episcopal Church, a first not only for her denomination but also for the global Anglican Communion, which has never before had a female priest leading one of its provinces.

I'm lost for words today. I realize for any of you who know me, that is a first. Now is the time for us, evanglical Christians, to stop and pray. I spoke at a women's ministry function a few days ago and talked about Titus 2, about how women are to mentor each other toward good character as a true and honest reflection of their that their character may not revile the Word of God. This is true for men as well and I'm very sad that Haggard has chosen to disregard this core theme.

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