November 6, 2006

Weekend Reflections

This weekend I had the great priveldge of speaking at a women's retreat along with several of my colleagues. In dealing with the subject of "Connecting with God," we looked at Mary and Martha of Bethany and what it means to really connect. What is so exciting to me about the accounts in Matthew, Luke, and John is that their connection was not superficial, wrapped up in pink tissue paper, but it was thoroughly and substantively doctrinal. One cannot read about Mary and her desire to sit at the feet of Jesus without seeing that Martha did not remain in the kitchen. When it counted - when Lazarus, their brother, died - Martha stepped up to connect with Jesus while Mary demonstrated something of a paralysis. Or maybe not, the text only says that she was seated in the house when Jesus arrived.

So don't tell me that you're a Mary or a Martha, because if you tell me you are a 'Martha,' I'm going to expect that you can clearly articulate an understanding of the resurrection.

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