November 10, 2006

Looking Towards the Marriage of Apologetics and Bioethics

As already posted on this blog, Tuesday’s elections showed the disappointing learning curve of the American public when it comes to issues of stem cell research and cloning. Folks, we’ve got a ways to go. . .

I don’t pretend to be an expert on this issue – but I don’t need to be and neither do you.

Adult stem cells research and use = Good. Embryonic stem cells research and use = Not Good.

If we don’t begin to change the culture of death and its ugly step-sister the determination of a human’s worth based on his/her productivity to society, we damn ourselves to certain destruction. What is the difference between aborting a baby at his/her earliest stages of development because of a birth defect or a lack of self control and planning on our part AND offing the twenty-two year old motorcycle victim broadsided by a drunk driver who is now in a permanent vegetative state? Both would be considered negative producer’s in a society governed by a distorted worldview where man is god.

Do you see where we are headed?
Soylent Green, the sci-fi cult classic film of the 70’s with the no-longer surprise ending is on our horizon. Why not encourage our elderly, "non-productive citizens" to do their civic duty and turn themselves into to the local food processing plant? They are no longer worth sustaining – they have ceased to be of value to society at large.

That kind of thinking is nothing short of the dehumanization of humans.

We baby-boomers started with aborting unplanned, unwanted children and now we are headed towards our just rewards, euthanasia. We taught the younger generations of children that we allowed/chose to live that life is not sacred – it is expendable. We taught them well.

Now as we are aging, there is a slow realization that we are not immortal, our bodies are failing us and we will not take it any more. Traditional research is taking too long - so, since we are the "instant gratification generation," we see embryonic stem cell research and cloning as our salvation. Once again, we choose ourselves over our children.

We need to correct a very unhealthy world view. First of all, WE may need our world view adjusted. Total Truth by Nancy Pearcy is a great place to start. Read it and pass it on! Second of all, we need to have the ways and means with which to reach our younger generations. The Fellowship of St. James has The Crux Project a phenomenal bridge to do just that. And one of the outstanding ideas they’ve birthed is Salvo. I can’t say enough about this publication. It is graphically astounding, witty, thought-provoking and soundly grounded in truth.

Look, The Fellowship so believes in this work they are currently giving a $10 discount off the one-year subscription price. You can receive or give this as a gift for just $25.99. The humor behind some of the pseudo ads placed among the pages to catch the eye of unsuspecting readers is sharp and dark. The articles are cutting-edge and superbly written – it really is Truth 101.

What’s it worth to you to help change our society’s, our children’s, our world view?

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