November 9, 2006

Disappointed in Tuesday's Anti-Life Election Results?

Ok, so it became exceedingly clear that money buys the message that educates the people. And that it isn't just about alleviating the suffering of those who suffer from debilitating diseases - it's about the big $ payoff - the profit to be made by being first in a long line of scientific research cannabalizing our most vulnerable future, embryos.

What are we prepared to do about this?

We need to get our message out. That human dignity is to be upheld, let alone protected. That the culture of death will be the end of life as we now know it.

We have people screaming about their rights being trampled on with The Patriot Act. How do we feel about the future where we are told whether or not we can bring a baby to full-term? Do we really think that a society that is hell-bent on the path to playing god is going to allow a child to be born that is not perfect in every single way - a child that may drain society's resources instead of contributing to them? This isn't sci-fi - this is a projectable outcome of the very destructive path we are choosing, one step at a time.

What are we prepared to do about this?

Sarah and I are committed to praying about this - seeking God's wisdom and help. We invite you to join us. To pray, think, brainstorm, and act. This is so big and so seemingly impossible - yet so important - we have to stand up and do what we can. We all do.

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