November 6, 2006

Put Up or Shut Up Tomorrow

Tomorrow we get a chance to exercise our right to vote. I know some of us are in the same boat - I don't like any of the candidates for a particular office - I'm just going with who I dislike the least. How sad is that?

I have watched a little bit more TV than usual this weekend and couldn't believe the campaign ads in my area. I have deduced that all of them are spinning, fibbing or downright lying. They have to be - each one contradicts the other to the point that the truth is lost.

I have gone on websites and read every pickin' piece of propaganda that has shown up in my mail box. And I am still perplexed about the candidates and what exactly each stands for. I have even looked at voter guides and found them at odds with each other.

I have discussed the issues and the runners with people on the train, in Starbucks, Walmart, and Walgreens, two doctor offices, and a cab. I didn't meet one person who was excited about voting because most of wonder if our vote matters.

Well, regardless of it mattering or not. . . if you don't vote than I think you should keep all ranting, raving, murmuring, or complaining about "the way things are" to yourself! It costs you nothing and you're not risking anything (including you life) by voting. I know that being an American affords us the right to vote and that we can choose to exercise that right or not. . . but please, as one American to another, put up or shut up!

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