November 1, 2006

3 Reasons to Oppose Egg Donation that Stand Together or Fall Together

1. There are complicationes associated with the harvesting of eggs from a woman's body. The risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is real.

2. Making money from selling eggs is hardly a donation. Profiting from this is wrong.

3. Eggs donated are used to create embryos that will either
A. become healthy and mature - your child.
B. Die because the procedure didn't "take" - your child
C. Are asexually "tricked" to become real embryos for destructive research purposes - your child
Profiting from the egg market is wrong only because of the inherent dignity of humanity that is grounded in the image of God. And if not for God, if not for truth, we wouldn't need to be bothered by the health risks associated with the scramble for eggs. No serious reason to care.

If this is really all there is, then there is no reason to care about anyone else....but because this isn't all there is, because God exists, we do care about the well-being of others.

Unfertilized eggs may not be people, but the intent is not for them to remain in the unfertilized state. They are intended to become life, i.e. people, either for purposes of embryo-destructive research or for assisting the infertile in having children. But it is because of the sanctity of all human life, no matter the age or the stage, that provides the basis for wanting to avoid risking women's health and viewing the profit from eggs sales as unethical.


Amanda said...

Hi Karen! Amanda here (Howard and Jannie's daughter). I've enjoyed your blog - especially on egg donation. There was a time where I was considering it because I needed the money badly but after doing research and praying about it, I couldn't seriously consider it.

I agree with your points, not to mention that you have no rights over the fate of your unused embryo's that can be carelessly disgarded or given to another couple (even a same-sex couple). I could not get past that and decided not to even consider it further after that.

They try to make it sound like you're just helping and doing such a great thing by donating but the facts are a lot more cold and unnerving.

There's actually a frozen embryo adoption agency started by a Christian woman that I heard about on Focus on the Family. You may find it interesting:

Take care and keep writing!

Francee said...

3 reasons why egg donation is a gift from God.

1. God as our creator, is the creator of every soul, therefore any child born from eggs donated, is His child, not that of the person who donates their egg. Most of the embryos produced are not viable, but that does not mean they die, it means God made the decision to not bring forth that soul.

2. The complcations associated with egg donation are rare and more women have died from simple dental surgery than from donating their eggs.

3. Egg donors are not paid for their eggs but for their time and efforts to help others, which is what I thought God wants us all to do.

If a person really cared about the well being of others, then they would understand that God is in every child created, no matter how that child is created and there is nothing but good in his creations. We are not here to judge, but to help others. A women who donates her eggs helps to create God's child, not hers.

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