November 8, 2006

Real Reality TV

I feel like I’m on some weekly “B” sci-fi thriller on the WB (now known as the CW).
It’s set in the present day, in a large Midwestern metropolis. The main character has found herself in a world consumed by well, consumerism. Everything and everybody is a dollar sign.

It is no longer true that any American-born child can grow up to be President without a rich, filthy rich family behind him/her. There has been a slow evolution to a kind of dynastic rule. Only so many families have the bucks to play and play they do. While the rest of the country titters at the gossip “the” families generate, complains about the state of the union, and continues to work harder for less money.

The main character finds herself in a looking-glass sort of world where truth is stranger than fiction and you can be arrested for kicking a kitten but not for killing a baby. Oh, but that’s wrong – because in this world babyhood is only granted to children that are wanted. An unwanted child is relegated to “fetal tissue” and disposed of with other unwanted, un-needed body parts.

Unless of course, you allow your offspring to be selected as research material.

In that case, your child in his earliest perfection is destroyed in the name of science and the alleviation of the suffering of those people fortunate enough to have already been born.

Not surprisingly the main character is haunted by the sci-fi she has read for years that warns of a future devoid of human dignity. Where morality and ethics are determined by the highest bidder - where man has crowned himself his own terrible god.

Too bad this isn't sci-fi. Too bad this isn't TV.

Too bad this is America, 2006.

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