November 1, 2006

One Night With The King - Part II

Dave and I have three daughters whom we have tried to raise as godly Amazon women. Strong, smart women who are dependent on God - not guys for self esteem. (Until the girls hit their 40’s, I’m not willing to wager on anything having to do with my parenting skills or lack thereof.) There are not a lot of resources on this particular parenting style, nor support groups for that matter. But this is the path we chose.

I think that is why I am more than slightly disappointed with One Night With The King. It is not the story of Esther that inspires womankind to be all they can for God. It is instead kind of a Harlequin Romance complete with King “Fabio.” I kid you not.

Artistic license should never get in the way of the storyline. It shouldn’t distract from the reason the storyline was chosen to be transformed into a movie. This film was staged like a musical. Only it isn’t. A couple of well placed songs might have helped.

Queen Vashti is de-throned because she stages sit-in and refuses to appear at her husband’s party because she disagrees with his political agenda. Esther has a young love interest who ends up becoming a eunuch at the hands of the Persians. He has a great line about why he wants to escape the palace “They cut me.” OK. Moving on. . . Esther and the King have a falling out because he assumes she has taken a lover and she assumes he is bedding one of his concubines. I’m not sure where this story line comes from.

The most puzzling thing to me is the films blatant pushing of Esther’s own destiny being forged by her hand and not God’s.

I have prayed for my daughters that they would choose to follow God. That they each would yield to His leading in their lives when choosing a career, a husband, a lifepath. It is not about manipulating people or circumstances or mystical pendants to get what you want or get you out of want you don't. Esther is a heroine worthy of admiration because she chose God’s way even when it meant risking her own life for the lives of her people.

The filmmakers took a great story of courage and faith and made it into a B-movie. Someone told me this was a must-see movie for every Christian. Please tell me we haven’t lowered our standards that far. . .

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