November 21, 2006

'Devout is Sexy'???

One of my new favorite shows is "Studio 60." Much is being discussed regarding the show's use of the real life story (with artistic liberties, of course) of actress Kristen Chenowith by developing a storyline around a young, blond comedienne named Harriet who made some comments to the media about gay marriage, thus ending her relationship with with the fictitious 'Women United' Christian organization.

Tonight's episode focused around Harriet's pursuit of revenge, to get back at 'Women United' by posing for some sort of centerfold. How this gets back at 'Women United' I'm not sure, but consideration of this opportunity reveals just exactly how the world sees and even expects hypocrisy from Christians. It took another character on "Studio 60" to tell Harriet that she serves God, not 'Women United,' so instead of doing something she might later regret, she should do something more constructive like start her own organization or something.

Interestingly, a core message that was written into the script was that our society believes that being "devout is sexy." I don't think that's exactly what they mean. When the "devout" shame themselves and look more like the world, then there is a certain [sex] appeal, a certain attraction of nonbelievers. This sort of exploitation of the "devout" is not without the assistance of the "devout." I think Studio 60 hit the nail on the head - and I think that Senator Obama's invitation to Saddleback is nothing less than the "devout" seeking to be sexy. It works....but as Studio 60's writers so helpfully point out - we serve God so we shouldn't sell ourselves in a way that assists in the exploitation of Christianity.

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