November 1, 2006

Open Borders for Foreign Egg "Donors"

A British girl discovered while reading a magazine that she can sell her eggs in America and make lots of money. She donated her eggs and earned 15000 pounds (currently $28k-$30k US dollars) and was able to pay off her credit card debt. The article goes on...

Miss Saunders works as a software co-ordinator during the day and works five nights a week in two different pubs, earning a total of about £20,000 a year.

'I'm quite a bit in debt and I just want to get it paid off really. I ran up the debts by just being an idiot.

'I really could do with the money. I told my mum about it and she said, 'Well, if it get's you a bit of money, it's a good idea.'

How is that for a philosophy of life.... If it gets you a bit of money, it's a good idea. And with the very real risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) that Josephine Quintavalle points out in the article, this isn't a matter of just selling eggs. Articles have been written that quote young women who say "it's not like I'm selling a baby." Of course your egg is not a baby, but it becomes your baby when it is fertilized....whether by sperm or through somatic cell nuclear transfer. Egg donation, er, egg sales is a santity of life issue, like it or not.

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