November 8, 2006

Meeting the Challenge: Prolife Bioethics Education

I went to bed quite angry last night about the election results. I awoke with what seemed like a hangover. Roskam won - at least I have that. While 7 states voted to protect marriage, the people couldn't quite get a handle on what is at stake with human cloning and the implications for the young women in Kansas.

So this afternoon I'm thinking about how we in bioethics and the prolife movement could have done more. Do you think we could have done more? It's obvious that the public is under-educated on the issues of abortion, embryonic stem cell research, adult stem cell research, somatic cell nuclear transfer, etc. Perhaps the prolife community - that includes me - spends too much time talking to each other than those who have not yet been persuaded on the issues. It's clear we did not reach the average Missouri voter and what the heck happened in Kansas? I had the joy of meeting Phill Kline a few weeks ago....I do hope he'll find a way to continue making an impact for life.

We've got to commit more energy to equipping the grass roots on these issues. Let's find a way. Leave your comments and ideas here, let me know how you think we can meet the challenge.


Anonymous said...

The problem is money. Take Missouri, for example. Stowers poured $29 million of his own money into deceiving the citizens of Missouri. That buys a lot of PR. I'd be suprised to find out the opposition was able to raise 10% as much.

karen corlew said...

Yes, money is a problem. Not only does it take a bankroll to get into office now we see how money is buying our morality and ethics.