October 14, 2006

Bear Meat is Good for the Soul

Well, yesterday I had the priviledge of eating bear meat. The missionary couple we are staying with served up a delicious roast of bear with mushroom gravy and all the trimmings. Howard had taken the bear last season along with deer and well, God knows what else is in their freezer.

I was humbled by their hospitality. That roast represented a lot of time, effort, and prayer. I don't remember the last time I went to the grocery store praying there would be meat on the shelf for me to buy, yet hunting seems to involve a lot of skill and supplication. (I saw this first-hand yesterday when Howard took a deer - but that is another post.) That roast could have been used in so many ways here with the people they serve, yet they shared it with us.

Each month their support is passed along to them by their mission. This last month their "paycheck" was 40% less than expected/needed. I don't know about you - but that would have serious repercussions in the Corlew household if for just one month -unexpectedly - we recieved 40% less pay for the same amount of work done. I had just assumed that their monthly amount was the same year round. Not so. Whatever support comes in is sent - if people forget, can't afford to the send their check, or the mail is slow - Jannie and Howard make do. They shared that they have had more than one lean Christmas - where even postage had to be considered when and if sending small gifts to their grandchildren.

The missionaries only shared that because yesterday they received word that a church had unexpectedly sent a large check for them. They were were so grateful and went on about how generous God has been, continually showing His care and concern for them and the ministry here.

It was obvious - our friends live life in the trenches, relying on God for so much more than I do.

If your Christian life is a little stale at the moment - how about getting in touch with your missionaries with an email or a phone call? Ask them how they are, what God is doing in their lives and ministry, how you can pray for them, what current need they might have. Then pray about how you can help them. Consider becoming more of a partner to them instead of a nameless contributor to their support.

Trust me - Bear Meat is Good for the Soul

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