October 27, 2006

If you want to take back the culture – put your money where your mouth is. . .

There is an “idea factory” over at The Fellowship of St. James called The Crux Project. In the interest of taking back culture with plans to “launch a full-scale multimedia assault on all of the tastemakers, artists, scholars and pundits who have us live only for today and our own selfish desires” they have a new publication out –and it is worth a look!

They have developed Salvo – more than a magazine, it’s an incredibly well done piece of journalism aimed at the ever-widening chasm between faith and science. It’s also aimed at our techno savvy, spiritually questioning, university crowd. You know, the kids that have grown up basically being told that faith is the crutch of the intellectually stunted. Science has the answers that shape, inspire, and give hope to the world.

Today’s students have packed away their “religion” with their high school year books and prom pictures. There is no room for the mystery of God nor the power of the Gospel. There is only the hard, stone-cold facts of science demanding an allegiance that leaves no room for Judeo-Christian Ethics, let alone the Bible.

So what to do about this. . . well, how about dreaming big? How about subscribing to Salvo, if not for yourself, for your favorite college kid. Call him/her up with the offer of Starbucks on you anytime to discuss, debate, dispute, or deliberate what’s in the newest issue. If that is not your cup of joe – pay for a subscription for your alma mater, your church’s college group, your hometown library, or your doctor’s office. You would be investing in what we are all praying is a cultural revival.

The kids today are our future doctors, lawyers, scientists, teachers, novelists, journalists, moms, dads, and caretakers of their own parents – yeah, that’s us. Quit complaining about this younger generation.

What have you done for them lately???

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