October 9, 2006

Tips for Women's Ministry Leaders

1. Changing lives means changing minds.
Christianity is a set of beliefs lived out each day. We can only live what it is that we truly understand. When a conversion to faith occurs, we cannot assume an automatic ability to think in a way that cooresponds to scripture.

2. Understand What Impacts the Mind
What's going on in our world that is shaping the way women think? What experiences or other influences have had an effect on women today? Christianity doesn't have an immediate, neutralizing effect on the mind. Our job is to address the issues that have shaped the person as we walk along side them in discipleship.

3. Be ready to get dirty.
Discipleship is more than teaching women to memorize a few verses during their devotions. Confronting "demons" is a reality and we need to be willing, not just ready, to invest ourselves in their faith journey -- with all of its detours.

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Collin Brendemuehl said...

Let's take those "demons" to the next level.
Look for new ways to think. T
ake people from normal inductive thinking about problems to a deductive approach.
Take them from the practical to the principled.
And take them from simplistic faith to seeing results in prayer.
Teach them how to do the job of Christian living. Take them through John Ortberg's book
"The Life You Always Wanted". And the Bible.