October 24, 2006

Part III: Hospital admits to burning aborted babies in waste incinerator

"The RCN's(Royal College of Nursing)guide, Sensitive Disposal of all Foetal Remains, says disposal alongside clinical waste is 'completely unacceptable'.

It adds: 'It is acknowledged that sometimes parents don't recognise their loss at the time, but may return months or even years later to enquire about the disposal arrangements.

'Therefore, it is important to respect the wishes of parents who may not want to be involved, but to ensure also that sensitive and dignified disposal is carried out.'

When my oral surgeon removed my wisdom teeth, "oral tissue", they was diposed of with no sensitivity and dignity. His office threw them out. I have never given thought until now, about the disposal arrangements.

I have however, listened to many women who have thought about and mourned the removal of their fetal tissue.

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