October 24, 2006

Part II: Congratulations to the hospital that admits to burning aborted babies in waste incinerator

Flash Point has decided to award Addenbrooke's Hospital, in Cambridge our first ever
WWW Award.

The Weekly Worldview Wienie Award is presented to Addenbrooke's for consistency in the face of public outcry.

For many years humanity has been told that fetal tissue is just that - fetal tissue. Say this with me, (yes outloud!) "It's not a baby." We've been led to believe that if we say this loud enough and often enough, all of us with discernable itelligence quotients will come to see that what is begun in the womb at the time of conception is not entitled to "baby" status until WE SAY it's entitled to "baby" status.

Addenbrooke practice of disposing of fetal tissue in the furnace is consistent with the world view that embraces the culture of death.

Congratulations to Addenbrooke for a job well done.

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