October 7, 2006

Time: On Apes, Mice, & Men

The cover story of the October 9 issue of Time is more fodder from the evolutionary apologist's handbook. "What Makes Us Different" attempts to show how close the relationship is between humans and chimps, our "nearest evolutionary cousins." The article cites that chimps roughly 98%-99% genetically identitical to human beings.

The article ends by stating,
As scientists keep reminding us, evolution is a random process in which haphazard genetic changes interact with random envioronmental conditions to produce an organism somehow fitter that its fellows. After 3.5 billion years of such randomness, a creature emerged that could ponder its own origins-and revel in a Mozart adagio. Within a few short years, we may finally understand precisely when and how that happened.

On the same page that article concludes, another article, The Brains of Mice and Men, declares that mice and men share 90% of their genes.

What makes is different is much more significant than the 2-10% differential in these articles.

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