October 26, 2006

The Evolution of Beauty

Many years ago I caught a article BURIED in a boring magazine about the technical aspects of creating a cover shot for one of the big fashion mags. I was horrified and relieved. Horrified that so much was done to the photograph to make it "perfect" that the integrity of the shot was called into question. Relieved to realize that I had been pursuing a beauty standard that didn't and doesn't exist.

Why even bother starting with a model if the picture is going to be "touched up" so stinkin much?

I shared this with the group of high school girls in our youth group. They didn't believe me. Nor did they believe the other article I shared about the average American woman being a size 12. They were struggling with sizes 0 - 5 and thinking they were humongously fat. How incredibly sad.

I strongly encouraged them to stop looking at fashion mags. It fell on deaf ears.

I was sent this link today. There are a few comments and then a short video.The video says it all - The Evolution of Beauty

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