October 31, 2006

One Night With The King – Part I

Last night I went to see One Night With the King at a local movie theater. I musta been living in a cave the last couple of months because until two days ago, I didn’t know this film existed.

In case you and I were sharing that cave. . . this is a movie based loosely on book of Esther – and I mean loosely. Actually it’s based on the novel Hadassah: One Night With the King by Tommy Tenney and Mark Andrew Olsen which is based loosely on the book of Esther. I’m sure you can tell where this train is headed - so if you really, really liked/loved the film OR you are still planning on seeing it STOP READING NOW!

One Night With the King is a chick flick with a feisty one-dimensional heroine who relies on a mystical pendant and her reading ability to charm the aforementioned King.

It could have been so much more.

The book of Esther never mentions “God”. But it subtly reveals and celebrates His Divine Hand in the destiny of one Jewess Queen and His chosen people. It is a powerful story that can and has stood the test of time. I’m all for artistic license but editing out many of the Divine Hand’s best moves and giving them to Esther cheapened the storyline and God.

In book of Esther, the king can’t sleep so he is read to from the daily chronicles – which doesn’t take a biblical scholar to tell us that boredom was and is a time-tested cure for insomnia. In a true "truth is stranger than fiction" - the king happens to hear the account of Mordecai’s foiling of an assassination attempt on his royal personage and realizes that Mordecai was never rewarded for this act. Coincidence, I think not. Nor does it stop there, in a brilliant bit of divine timing, the king asks Hamaan (the bad guy) what he would suggest done to honor the person who has saved the life of the king at the same moment that Hamaan is fixin’ to ask the King’s permission to hang Mordecai. The king goes first and Mordecai is honored by the man who plans to kill him. Wow!

In the film, Esther is the one who shoves the papyrus at the king telling him that Mordecai the Jew saved his life and was never honored for it. Less than wow. . .

Why did the filmmakers feel the need to re-write???
Why did the filmmakers feel like Esther needed a short introduction to the king before her actual ONE NIGHT with him????? (Which leads me to the question – Why did you name this One Night With the King when you had Esther meeting him through the Eunuch’s manipulations months, weeks, days before her big debut?)
Why did Esther's big risk scene have to be shot with her soaking wet?
(She's risking her life in a wet t-shirt, oops, a wet gown. . . )
And what’s up with the pendant, huh?

Ok, biggest question. . . WHY DID YOU MAKE THIS FILM??
I’m just asking.


Zeuszor said...

This movie was never inteded to be a big money-maker. It was done with Matt Crouch of Generation Entertainment at the helm and was done so that Matt would have something to show for where he spend the money from his personal piggy bank. Here is a partial transcript from when the release was announced on TBN:


(Paul Jr. hosting from Tustin and speaking; beginning at 01:02): “...but we are gonna talk today about a movie that TBN has had in production for almost two years, in fact many of you know Tommy Tinney wrote a book called One Night With The King and we have taken that book and transitioned it into a movie in fact I was kind of teasing everybody that we needed to change the title to Two Years With The King because that’s kinda the length and the amount of time it’s taken to get this movie done from when we first started production but we finally, finally, finally, finally have a real release date, the special effects are rolling off the presses so to speak and coming out of the computer, but joining me in just a few minutes will be one of the stars of One Night With The King, Tommy “Tiny” Lister, he plays Haggai in this movie that TBN produced, and Tommy is a wonderful guy, he’s been on with me many times on Praise The Lord and has an amazing testimony, in fact God really, truly delivered him from the face of death: death was staring him right in the face very very recently and we’re gonna about that, about how, you know what? God has a purpose for Tommy “Tiny” Lister’s life and His purpose is not done yet because his life was almost snuffed out and we’re gonna give a wonderful testimony about that in just a minute so please stay tuned but One Night With The King, this latest motion picture that TBN is producing will be out October thirteenth (waves arms around emphatically) for sure, for sure, for sure, I’ve heard from all the producers, all the people doing the special effects who’ve had some very high-level meetings (Banner at bottom of screen appears @ 02:45: One Night With The King in theaters October 13, 2006) and One Night With The King is truly, truly coming we promise October 13 I’ve got some new segments to show you, a new trailer..."

Zeuszor said...

I cut and pasted this from IMDB:

Before you decide whether or not to support this movie (if it ever comes out), consider the source. The production company making the movie, Gener8xion Entertainment (8X), is run by Matthew Crouch, the son of Paul Crouch who runs the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

TBN rakes in over $100 million a year in donations through very dubious means (promising people who send them money that they will be blessed 100-fold, etc.) to run their TV empire, and they have poured over $32 million of those donations into Matthew Crouch's company to make movies like "The Omega Code" (a modest success) and "Meggiddo" (a huge flop).

Now, on the back of all those donations (many likely given by people who can ill afford it) Matthew Crouch took the company public (symbol GNXE.OB) in 2004 and, as part of the deal he and his wife were jointly awarded with 8.8 million shares! At one time the GNXE share price was $3.00 making Crouch's net worth over $26 million.

At the time of this business transaction, this movie (One Night with the King) was supposed to have been released in March 2005. The release date has since slipped by over a year, and there is still no sign of a release date. The share price of the company has also slipped and has just dipped under $1.00 for the first time. Not exactly a resounding success.

All this makes me believe that 8X is less about good movie making and more about being a pet project for the Matthew Crouch and a way to line is own pockets to an obscene amount (his share of the company is still worth over $8 million). All this on the backs of the millions donated by people conned into believing they would benefit spiritually and financially by doing so.

If this new movie is a financial success (which seems dubious at the moment) Crouch will stand to personally gain in the order of tens of millions of dollars as his company's share price rises. In truth, the money belongs to those foolish enough to give their hard earned cash to TBN in the first place. But they will see not a penny.