October 25, 2006

Part V: The legacy of the hospital that admitted to burning aborted babies in waste incinerator

The legacy that my generation leaves the younger generations is one that is both inhuman and arrogant. We have shown today's children the hypocrisy of humanity that is able to argue for life and death in the same breath. . . a human being is only deemed human when science says so, when there is worth attributed to letting that baby take its first breath.

What do you think this teaches our children about the value of grandma and grandpa? If we don't value new life and end up cannabalizing it in attempt to benefit those already breathing on their own - do you really think future generations will treat their elders any different - when it is our turn to share in the vulnerability of the elderly and the infirm?

God help us all!

I can only hope and pray that this is one lesson we don't have learn the hard way. . .

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