October 9, 2006

Confused Feminist Blogger Seeking Abortion

Today, La Shawn Barber alerted us to a post by a feminist blogger who is apparently proceeding to have an abortion. On the child she is carrying, she states,
around every corner I am faced with people who believe that the life of this fetus is worth more than MY life, or the lives of my children.
Well, I don't think it is accurate to suggest that the prolife view believes that the unborn child is worth MORE than the life of the mother, siblings, or any other human being. The issue is that life of the unborn child is not worth any less than the life of any other human.

If you go to this feminist's blog, please beware of the language. And I'd also like to apologize to her if any of the quotes she listed in her post actually were said to her by prolifers. No one should ever be spoken to in such a manner.

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GrannyGrump said...

That's too freaking bizarre. Something strange is going on there and I don't think it's just rabid antiabortionists slamming this woman. I wonder if she's getting phony hate letters from rabid proabortionists who are trying to create a false image of what prolifers are like. Because I can't imagine getting that volume of that vitriol like that. Either that or she is making it up. It has a Frank Mendiola feel to it.

I didn't respond because the comment section is overflowing already.