October 4, 2006

Parenting Begins at Conception

As I was surfing some blogs today, I stumbled upon this statement left by someone at feministing.com.

I've had two abortions, and I have never regretted my choice. In fact, I usually take a moment from each day (sometimes two, when I'm around screaming, snotty children) to be thankful that I had the opportunity to have a safe abortion, because my urge to NOT procreate is so strong that I would have used any means necessary to get unwelcome visitors out of my body. I would gladly risk death rather than be forced to have a baby - I felt that way then, I feel that way now.

So it seems that procreation is a verb to describe the process of giving birth. More commonly understood as "to beget" or "to conceive," to equate procreation with childbirth is simply ignorant.

This post also demonstrates the entitlement mentality of liberals. No child that is conceived asked for life. They just are. To describe the unborn as "unwelcome visitors" and express a desire to die rather than give birth is the height of arrogance.

Often reported are the latest studies in prenatal healthcare, and how the activities of the mother can have a positive, nurturing effect on the unborn child. So many women read stories, listen to classical music, and maintain a positive environment for themselves and their child -- all for the overall health of the child. Do feminists suggest that these practices are meaningless and have no effect on the unborn? Or do they agree that these are helpful to the unborn child? And if they agree, how does this correspond to their reality?

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