October 18, 2006

NOW Opposes Free Speech and Common Sense

"No woman can call herself free until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother," Sanger once said.

Sadly, freedom is not what today's "wrong"-wingers have in mind for women in this country. Due to their efforts, it's no longer police who bar women from access to birth control and other reproductive healthcare, but preachers and picketers, physicians and pharmacists, emergency rooms and billboards that are determined to direct women's reproductive lives with little regard for their health or economic well-being. Many legislators and misogynists are actively working to undermine women's integrity and to deny women the freedom to trust their own consciences in the making of life-altering health and family formation decisions.

In celebrating the 90 year "legacy" of Margaret Sanger, the National Organization for Women has made clear their one-sided respect for free speech. But the correlation made between what police might have done in the early years of the movement and the contemporary exercise of free speech to communicate a view that opposes NOW is simply ludicrious. This fallacious method of communication reveals an insecurity that leads to a lack of integrity.

The problem I have with NOW's quote of Sanger could be left unsaid...but there are still plenty who need to learn the truth. Women do not lack the freedom Sanger speaks of in this quote. Abortion and reproductive rights do not serve to enable or enhance the freedom to choose to be mothers, but rather serve as loopholes for the women who abused their procreative freedom. Victims of rape and incest have had their freedom stolen from them at some point, but the legislatures are not the criminals in these cases.

Women are not denied the right to make procreative decisions, but these extreme feminists would rather live in a world where there is no responsibility for actions or the children who result.

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CanuckedBrit said...

But there have been cases in ER's in christian hospitals of nurses refusing to give rape victims their Plan B pills during the imperative 24 hour period. Reason given is that they may have already conceived. How is that not taking away from their procreative decisions?

Or small towns where pharmacists refuse to give Plan B? It can be hours of driving in rural areas and not everyone has access to transportation.

Besides, not everyone has the same beliefs. For many there is nothing wrong with sex before marriage using birth control that failed or they are married and their birth control failed. Why should anyone be forced by circumstance to endure pregnancy and birth because of someone else's beliefs? It just doesn't make sense to me.