October 30, 2006

Culture Watch: Save the Cheerleader. Save the World.

If you haven't watched "Heroes" yet this fall, it's worth checking out. Though I've watched most of the episodes thus far, I admit it hasn't been without distraction. But this is what I do know. There are a bunch of people who have discovered that they have superhuman powers. A guy, a politician I think, can fly. One guy can stop time, something he enjoyed trying out in a Vegas casino so that he could rig the games to win. Another guy is able to paint the future - it's kind of cool. The most interesting character seems to be the cheerleader. Her father is involved in some dastardly plot to kill or kidnap the politician that can fly. But back to the cheerleader....apparently she gets raped and killed and miraculously wills herself to be healed as she lays on the autopsy table, chest wide open. Is there anything worse than an angry cheerleader? She finds her way home, school, and back in the life of the young man who killed her. Knowing, of course, that she has the power to regenerate, she tries to kill him in a head-on car collision with a building. She, or course, cannot die.

So I ask, does this girl need saved by someone else? I suspect that saving the cheerleader has more philosophical implications. Could it be that saving her means finding a way for her to lose her power of regeneration? Or is this some sort of Hollywood parallel to God - that somehow God needs saved. I guess we'll find out.

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