October 5, 2006

Whatever Happened to the Human Face?

Francis Schaeffer asked “Whatever happened to the human race?” back in the late 70’s when it seemed like we had lost sight of our spiritual, intellectual, and moral uniqueness as God’s creations. I have a feeling that he would have a lot to say about today’s quest to re-create ourselves. In essence, if we don’t like the way we look and have the cash, we can literally become someone else. Even if we don’t have the cash, we can always use plastic to buy plastic – and become someone else. Plastic surgery is fast becoming the new wearable status symbol.

Recently, I was literally caught in between two women having a conversation on the train about their recent surgeries. I was amazed to hear each surgery named after a celebrity. Angelina Jolie’s lips, Jennifer Aniston’s nose, John Travolta’s dimple, Pamela Anderson’s bosom – ok, they didn’t have all of the above surgeries themselves. . . but they seemed to know people who did.

All I could think of was the reality TV show “The Swan” – did anyone besides me catch a couple of episodes of this ugly duckling to startling swan transformation soap? After three episodes I realized the show was creating the same “type” over and over. The winners looked like they could be cousins, let alone sisters.

When there are thousand of children and adults needing, yes NEEDING plastic surgery to repair cleft palates, graft new skin over what was horribly burned, and remove grossly deforming tumors, we in America are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy someone else’s look and I think, in the hope of living someone else’s life. Yikes!

Can you tell me there was a more beautiful woman than Mother Teresa?

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