October 24, 2006

Wildlife in Wheaton: Fox and Duckworth Hunting for Votes

Today, Illinois 6th District Congressional candidate, Tammy Duckworth, and cohort celebrity friend Michael J. Fox appeared in Wheaton, IL to win people's minds over to ESCR by means of exploiting their own physical conditions, appeals to super-power status, and of course, a claim of ideological neutrality for their side. As a resident of Illinois' 6th district, I can only say, "yeah, right."

Michael J. Fox:
We have the researchers, we have the scientists, we have the technology, we have the know-how, we have the spirit...If America doesn’t do this who’s going to do it?
So according to Fox, if we can do something, then we are morally obligated to do that thing. If we continue with this belief that an "is" equals an "ought," then soon we will be harvesting organs from PVS patients. Oh yes, I think that was written about this week as well...

And what is with this twisted desire for America to be the biotech superpower? Any other time, the liberal progressives want to deplete America of any super-power status.

Tammy Duckworth:
Many politicians today see the stem cell issue as a battle ground of ideology instead of a all out fight to save lives (emphasis hers)
Frankly, she wasn't very convincing. I'm bored by these ideology arguments, these liberals know that they also their own ideology - they just hope you don't know. This isn't a real attempt at neutrality, it's merely a smoke screen. If she really cared about saving lives, she might also be coming out strong for adult stem cell research.

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Matthew said...

these liberals know that they know they have also their own ideology - they just hope you don't know

Yes! YES!! YES!!! Finally someone else saying what I've been saying!