October 26, 2006

Michael J. Fox, Ultrasound, & Liberal Hypocrisy

When crisis pregnancy centers set up in locations that were once abortion providers, or when they locate near one, they have a great opportunity to provide ultrasounds to women considering abortion. From the ultrasound, women are able to see the truth - that there is a small, vulnerable, and beautiful human being within them, and many times, these women change their minds about proceeding with an abortion.

Liberals hate crisis pregnancy centers because they stop abortion. Performing these ultrasounds appeals to maternal sensabilities, though advocates of abortion rights believe that the emotional punch that accompanies them is unfair and infringes on women's reproductive freedom. On that, get a clue - legalized abortion does not mean prolife persuasion has been criminalized.

But what is fascinating about the liberals' hatred toward crisis pregnancy centers' use of ultrasound is that they are making a similar appeal when they exploit Michael J. Fox. Of course, he's a willing accomplice. The similarity in strategy is blatantly obvious, though misguided in the latter sense in that embryo-destructive research is the final goal. But we can all resonate with the desire to want to find cures for those who suffer, so Michael J. Fox and liberal spin have become the ultrasound machine of the Left.

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